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Music Player


Music Description

Fun little music player where you can scroll through your music library, skip forward or back songs, and view the beautiful album cover as you listen to relaxing ChillHop!

Instagram Clone


Instagram Description

This is just a fun little Instagram clone to touch up on some Front-End React development! Will soon like to add more to it, implementing Redux and adding more functionality, but really enjoyed doing this little project!



Tic Tac Toe Description

Cute and fun front-end Tic-Tac-Toe game! In this game you can sign up, log in, start a game and begin playing! This game will automatically alternate from X to O for you! It will happily display which mark won, or if you created a tie! Then you can play again as many times as you want! Want to know how many games you've enjoyed? This application will keep the number on display! And don't worry if you want to change your password and or log out, this game provides those options for you to execute whenever you want!

Fashion Blog


Blog Description

A front-end and back-end project here to help you store all of your favorite articles! Have a page all to yourself with just your content where you can easily post, edit and delete your posts anytime you want! Don't worry about anyone else seeing your stuff! With concealed password confirmation and the ability to change it whenever you want only when logged in will make sure you're safe! Now go and start storing all of your high fashion passions!

Quiz App


Quiz Description

Get pumped and get ready to test your brain on everything from Actors to Countries to Food! History Buff, Comic Nerd or Sports Fan, this is the game for you! Just sign up and sign in to get started playing! Think the questions are't challenging enough? This App allows you to create your own to really test your friends and family! Add as many as you want, then edit and delete them as you please! I hope everyone enjoys this fun little game!

My Resume


June 2020 - September 2020

Full-Stack Developer

Junior Software Engineer with experience contributing to design, development and optimization of web applications. Bring intermediate understanding of JavaScript, React, HTML and CSS drive to learn new programming languages and development tools.

General Assembly


June 2021 - October 2021

SDET at Vinli Inc

Worked on both manual and automation testing, creating unit and integration tests in Pytest and Cypress. Regularly reviews, approved and merged coworkers pull request. Monitored and maintained our CI/D pipeline with CircleCi. Used Jira to collaborate with my team, managing tasks and documentation.

September 2016 - March 2020

Assistant Manager

1st Assistant Manager for three years and ran a team of 5. Conducted job interviews, led employee performance evaluations with constructive feedback. Organized schedules, workflows and shift coverage to meet expected business demands.

Cato Fashion

About Me

My name is Alyssa DeMay, and I am a full-stack Software Engineer.

I worked as a retail manager for three years before realizng that my passion lay elsewhere, when I studied code and built my first few projects I immediatley knew that this was what I wanted to do in my life. I've taken many courses, built many projects and studied at General Assembly, and will continue to study and learn more in order to better myself and continue pursuing my love of creating.

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